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Connect MySQL client with private AWS RDS database, from EC2 instance

How to use the MySQL client command line interface with a private AWS RDS MySQL database. Let’s suppose we already have an EC2 instance, with an app that communicates with the database. For instance, the EC2 instance could be part of an Elastic Beanstalk environment (please see here how to setup a private AWS RDS […]

AWS Bash Linux

SSH to AWS EC2 instance in 2 minutes

How to SSH to an AWS EC2 instance in 2 minutes. We automate most of the process using a bash script, jq and the AWS CLI. 1) Open SSH traffic to the EC2 instance Log into the AWS console and go to the EC2 instances section. Then click on blue Instance ID link of the […]


Sign a PDF on Linux in 2 minutes

In this tutorial, we will see how to sign a PDF on Linux in 2 minutes. To do this, we will use Xournal. 1) Install Xournal Open a terminal and run: sudo apt update sudo apt install xournal 2) Start Xournal Still in a terminal, run: xournal 3) Open the PDF you want to sign […]